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  • Global citizens supporting a course change for humanity by supporting each other.

One planet, 7 billion people: are we at an inflection point?
At a time of growing instability and uncertainty, with crisis flash-points increasing around the world, it is clearer that than ever that our current trajectory — the way that seven billion of us are relating to each other and to our planet — is not sustainable. The major institutions of our current world order — governments, UN, corporations, global alliances, etc. — have so far been unable to change that trajectory.

What comes next? Is human civilization at an evolutionary inflection point? What can we do to make a difference?

The good news: we are hard-wired for love, kindness, compassion, and generosity
Modern neuroscience is confirming what the world’s religious and spiritual traditions have known for centuries: that these emotions are among our most powerful motivators and key to our survival as a species — past and future. Empowered by these motivations as well as the newest Internet technologies, ordinary people everywhere are waking up to a calling to compassionate service, forming communities, linking up around the world, and taking action to support positive change by serving others. And although the individual actions may be humble, the cumulative effect is big, growing and unstoppable.

We at One World Lights (OWL) are one of these communities
A community of global citizens — people who seek the well-being of all people and all life on our planet — committed to supporting a course change for humanity by supporting each other.

Our mission:
Wisdom circles around the world, both local and virtual,
 linked up over the Internet into communities of communities,
 where people come together to share
 wisdom, inspiration, support, resources — to contribute to global momentum for a positive, evolutionary human course change.

Our community:
A growing circle of global citizens and social activists, and their communities, all over the world.

Our vision:
An abundant, healthy, just, peaceful, sustainable world — one world for all of us.

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October 15 Interfaith Spiritual Travelers Circle

Oct. 15 Interfaith Spiritual Travelers Circle:
Anuj Kumar Pandey

Spiritual travelers
from all backgrounds and traditions,
sharing experience — seeking wisdom.

A Pilgrim’s Interfaith Journey

Anuj Kumar Pandey has been a monk, a protestant Christian brother, a martial artist, a musician, story teller, Silicon Valley tech worker, ServiceSpace volunteer working behind the scenes with the technology that carries voices of the community, devoted spiritual traveler on the Sufi path, and humble spiritual friend to many.

We’re inviting Anuj to share the story of his pilgrimage from his village town in India to the Awakin Circles in the Bay Area and anchor an inquiry in the circle for each of us to reflect on our own. Here’s some guidance he received and shared at the beginning of a recent journey to India with his wife Kara:

Beauty is everywhere – try to hold that in perspective whether traveling to a holy site or in a bustling metro train ride.

Do less, be more – the balance of doing what naturally flows within the cycle of a day out of the necessity to serve, connect and relate in small ways.

Surrender – this may be one of the most common ones that people traveling to India think about doing but has been one of the hardest ones for people like us. We are so used to the life in Silicon Valley that reflects to a certain degree order and an organized pattern (in comparison India is considered chaos)….

Clean your heart every day…as you will your body! 🙂 This one I guess sets the bar for me to practice kindness every wakeful moment to the extent I can…Not successful yet but learning to catch the arrival of negative thoughts a little quicker than I used to.
An additional reflection: Life turning its gaze inward.

Part 1 — Opening check-ins

Part 2 — Anuj Pandey: A Pilgrim’s Interfaith Journey

Part 3 — Group interview

Part 4 — Anuj: Traditional Indian song

Part 5 — Circle of reflection: Adam Coopersmith, Bradley Stoll, Thu NGuyen, Aryae, Rabbi Diane Elliot, Libby Traubman, Dinesh Chandra, Wendy Berk, Len Traubman, James Offuh, James Waite, Adam

Part 6 — Further questions and reflections

Part 7 — Closing check-ins

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