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Andrew Vidich

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Riverdale, NY, USA

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Dr. Andrew Vidich is an educator, spiritual teacher, author, editor, business consultant, and international speaker. He travels and lectures widely, bringing together people from diverse religious backgrounds to share the common experience of unity that underlies all spiritual traditions.
For example, here’s a talk he gave at the Theosophical Society on “Spiritual Resurrection — Becoming Beings of Love & Light”:
His most recent book is Light Upon Light: Five Master Paths to Awakening the Mindful Self. His earlier books include Love is a Secret (Author, 1990), The Heart of the Healer (Co-author, 1995), The Heart of Healing (Contributor, 2006), and Light upon Light: 5 Master Pathways to Awaken the Mindful Self (Author, 2009), which won the Best Book Award under the category of Eastern Religions by USA Book News.
Andrew has served as adjunct assistant professor of religion at Manhattan College and at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, where he has taught courses in the nature and experience of religion, meditation, death and dying and Islamic studies. He lectures and presents seminars and workshops at corporations, educational and religious institutions, conferences, radio and TV shows throughout the world on topics related to leadership and spirituality.
Andrew is a founding member of The Interfaith Council of New York, as well as a member of the council of trustees of The Temple of Understanding, a global interfaith organization that promotes interfaith understanding and cooperation across all religions and faiths. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Leadership Institute at the New York Open Center, a newly founded leadership school in New York City.

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