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Coach, consultant, author, trainer and mentor, Bonita Banducci has built a world-wide reputation adding the dimension of gender in the workplace to men’s and women’s leadership. Her guiding vision has been that greater consciousness about how women and men at work relate to each other, and greater understanding of their complementary strengths, can be powerful keys to enhanced creativity, performance, and humanity at all levels.

Some of Bonita’s clients include Adaptec, Amgen, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cisco, County of Santa Clara, Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, KLA-Tencor, Sun Microsystems, Xylinx, NASA Ames, the US Navy Corps of Engineers, US and California Environmental Protection Agencies and others. She was also a representative of the Commission on the Status of Women of Santa Clara Country at the UN NGO Forum World Conference on Women held in Beijing, leading a workshop on Creating Partnership of Women in Business with Women in Development for Sustainable Global Development.

At Santa Clara University, she teaches Gender and Engineering, a Core curriculum course, for the School of Engineering Graduate Program. She is a founding Board member of the Santa Clara University Global Women’s Leadership Network, and a faculty member and coach for the Women Leaders for the World Program.

Her popular and well-received workshops have been delivered at Santa Clara University, the University of San Francisco, Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, Stanford’s Institute for Research on Women and Gender as well as at Women in Technology conferences including WITI, Society of Women Engineers, SCU Women in Business.

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