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Your Name

Kay Sandberg

Where you live

Ashland, OR, USA

Your current religious/spiritual practice

"beyond religion"

Where you lived as a child

Jamestown, NY; PA

Faith in which you were raised as a child


A little about your spiritual journey

Presbyterian I admire the Dalai Lama’s stance of going “beyond religion” (i.e, perceived differences & dogmas that have traditionally separated people) to embrace universal oneness. At the same time, I enjoy choosing to experience a variety of religious faiths, mostly Christianity and Buddhism and thirdly, Judaism to date. I really hope for more religious diversity than I have experienced in circles to date (i.e., beyond these 3 faiths). I lead study circles based on the Dalai Lama’s book Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World (2011). One participant in a pilot was Aryae Coopersmith. I enjoy non-dogmatic, open-hearted conversation and direct experience of the sacred, and trust this circle will provide rich avenues for all of us!

Personal Information


Kay Sandberg

Where I live

Ashland, OR, USA

My Bio / Story

“Our mission is to nurture, strengthen, connect, and communicate about grassroots projects that express compassion and love in action.

“The vision for the Global Force for Healing came as a transmission from the spirit of Mother Teresa. One day while meditating, I felt a presence come very close to my right ear. The voice announced itself as the essence or consciousness of Mother Teresa. To this day I can feel that presence, which anchors my commitment to nurture and sustain our organization, to fulfill my soul’s calling, and hopefully, to inspire others.

“Mother Teresa’s message: ‘You will found the Global Fund for Healing. You don’t have to know how to do this or to emulate my lifestyle. Just study and learn from my teachings and you will be guided in what to do. You are still living in the San Francisco Bay area because you will meet people to help and partner with you.’ I have spent the last 10 years meeting these allies, learning, practicing, refining the mission, and appreciating love and compassion in daily life.”

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Global Force for Healing

Video: Engage: Global Force for Healing

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Founder & Executive Director
Global Force for Healing

What I'd like to offer, and to receive, in the OWL community

I’m offering active support for members of the OWL community, through participation in OWL Wisdom Circles, and by being available to connect with and support people individually.

What I’m receiving is the loving support of others.

I'm available to engage with other OWL global citizens by

participating in online Wisdom Circles, one-on-one via email, phone, etc.