Wendy Berk

Interfaith Profile (Interfaith Wisdom Circle Participants)

Your Name

Wendy Berk

Where you live

El Granada, California, USA

Personal Information


Wendy Berk

Where I live

El Granada, CA, USA

My Bio / Story

I’m a retired Nurse Practitioner and actively participate in OWL Wisdom Circles and planning discussions.

I am finding opportunities to be of service now that I have retired.

Communities, Projects, Organizations

One World Lights

Coastside Torah Circle
Co-Founder and Co-Facilitator

Volunteer at Wildlife Associates http://www.wildlifeassociates.org
Participant Service Space community and the Interfaith Wisdom Circle through the partnership of OWL and Service Space community

Supporter of organizations that promote the well being of animals and other
life on this planet.

What I'd like to offer, and to receive, in the OWL community

To offer: my continuing engagement with, and encouragement of, other Global Citizens in local Wisdom Circles, online Wisdom Circles, and one-on-one.

To receive: Friendship from fellow members

I'm available to engage with other OWL global citizens by

participating in a local Wisdom Circle, participating in online Wisdom Circles, one-on-one via email, phone, etc., occasional advice & collaboration, being active on this web site